Women Vintage Rustic Retro Style Genuine Brown Leather Tote Shoppers Shoulder Bag

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  • These are not colored bags and shades are given through a natural and traditional process using vegetable oil and sun tanning, so the color will differ from the one pictured here. Every bag has a slightly different shade.
  • Leather bag have a distinctive SMELL that fades away with days of use. Most of our customers tend to like this earthly smell, some don’t.
  • Metals used in this bag are a bit rusty to give this bag a vintage look. Because every bag is handmade from leather which is naturally tanned and not chemically treated, each bag has unique and individual markings and coloring’s and may vary slightly from our photographs.
  • Size : 12 inches Tall and 16 inches Wide
  • Style-Tote/Shoppers/Shoulder Bag, Material – Leather , Color-brown, Making- Handmade